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Aly D., @theBlessedBhie

Aly's brand of wisdom is a breath of fresh air in these troubled times we're in. Her light energy gives you the space to open up, and her perspective enables you to be heard. If no one understands you, Aly will.

If you resonate with Aly's mission to bring #TamaBehaviour down to Earth, align with us to spread correctness and truth to one and all! Connect with Aly today, to find the #TamaEnergy within. Book a Tarot Reading with Aly today!

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LIVE Readings

with @theblessedbhie

Hey Bestie, this reading is for you!

  • A quick reading to assess your general situation in life.

    799 Philippine pesos
  • Read the dynamic energies of your love life and manifest your best rel...

    899 Philippine pesos
  • Find your higher path and connect with your spirit.

    999 Philippine pesos
  • Work things out at home with a heart-to-heart reading for family.

    499 Philippine pesos
  • Get ahead of your studies with guided messages for school.

    599 Philippine pesos
  • Advance your professional interests with spiritual guidance and realig...

    699 Philippine pesos
  • Heal through your relationship struggles through guided conflict resol...

    799 Philippine pesos
  • Access spiritual guidance to uncover hidden truths within untold circu...

    899 Philippine pesos
  • Banish your present worries with a guided problem solving session.

    999 Philippine pesos
  • Ask anything in this full session of free flowing divine guidance.

    1,111 Philippine pesos
"Aly is destined to make an impact on the Spiritual Community. It's truly a blessing to work with her."

- Coco S., Financial Astrologer