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Collective Coven

Your exclusive online portal for awakening the magick within.

Join the


The Collective Coven is an exclusive subscription based spiritual community curated for seekers, practitioners, and spiritual enthusiasts of all skill levels and modalities.

Inside the Collective Coven you can:

Join a Spiritual Safe Space

Open up to your spiritual path with the comfort of your own soul tribe. Find a weekly space to debrief your spiritual struggles with kindred spirits on the same soul journey.

Learn Arcane Secrets

Gain access to an exclusive Occult Library! Join our weekly "Circle Time" to learn the arcane secrets and to awaken the ageless wisdom hidden within every seeker.

Participate in LIVE Rituals

Receive practical guidance and spiritual training through our hybrid ceremonies (held online and F2F). Participate in the inner workings of our Collective Practitioners.

Receive Exclusive Perks

Gain access to an ever-growing witching community with exclusive services and occult merchandise. Receive seasonal discounts on all Collective Services.

Ascend with the Collective

Awaken your hidden gifts and expand your spiritual potential alongside our practitioners. Experience the magick that birthed the Collective firsthand. Be the magick.

Designed to connect kindred spirits together in a regulated safe space, the Collective Coven is dedicated to building a dynamic witching community.

For a monthly subscription of ₱999...

Collective Coven Circle
  • Participate in 8 monthly rituals LIVE with the guidance of our Practitioners.

  • Gain access to an occult library of instructional videos on how to cast your own spells and prepare your own rituals.

  • Participate in 8 monthly rituals LIVE with the guidance of our Practitioners.

  • Engage in spiritual discussions with fellow practitioners in weekly meetings and open forums.

  • Gain access to our SECRET MENU as well as our seasonal retreats, premium merchandise, exclusive promotions, membership perks and much more!


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Here's a list of the classes we have available through our Basic Coven Subscription...

Introduction to Witchcraft

- History of the Occult

- Ethics of Magick

- The "Old Ways" & the 8 Sabbats

Spellwork 101
- Cleansing and Banishing
- Protection Magick
- Baneful Magick and Karmic Reversals

Divination 101

- Introduction to Cartomancy

- Introduction to Pendulum

- Introduction to Tarot

- Introduction to Astrology

Meditation 101

- Introduction to Chakras

- Basic Yoga Techniques

- Breathwork for Spiritual Expansion

More secret workshops and classes are waiting for all initiates!

Occult Lessons Witchcraft Spellwork

Taking on the spiritual path alone and overcoming your shadows all by yourself can be a struggle...

Joining a collective of like-minded people can make the experience much lighter and the journey more fun!

Do you wish to sign up for this spiritual membership program?

Fill in the application below to get a head start with the latest updates on our Coven opening!

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Thank you for conjoining with us. We'll be in touch!

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