Liyah, the Apprentice

As the first Seeker and Coco's only apprentice, Liyah provides a reading experience with a unique scope of revelation founded upon industry proven standards and hard work. #EarthEnergy

Liyah's brand of spiritual guidance fits perfectly with our company brand. The empathic #realtalk you're looking for is right here, with a unique blend of angelic guidance and earthly support.

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Name: Liyah A.

Craft: Tarot Divination, Deity Work & Astrology


Virgo Sun. Pisces Moon. Leo Rising

Likes: Aquarius

Dislikes: Libra

Favorite Tarot Card: Strength

Spirit Animal: Mia Dio @miadio

Mundane Hobbies: Learning languages including love

Favorite Food: Pizza (basta libre mo uwu)

Favorite Movie: Twilight #TeamJasper

Favorite Quote:

"He love me, he give me all his money
That Gucci, Prada comfy
My sugar daddy/mommy"

- Qveen Herby

My Journey

    My spiritual journey started when I was young; completely astonished with things beyond science that were hard to explain. Spirituality was a question unanswered for me ever since; until I had my spiritual awakening in 2021. Angel numbers, continuous signs from the universe, stronger intuition— all of this have been happening, and it took me a while to uncover what it meant.

   My consciousness and awareness are raising to another level.

   I roamed facebook and tiktok after my awakening; to learn more about what I was experiencing, and to find a place to fit in. But facebook and tiktok were not enough. I joined a lot of spiritual communities but most of the ambiance I got wasn't meant for me. Until one day, someone commented something so deep and complex on my post. Some god-tier level of spiritual knowledge that I've never even heard about. And so I messaged him…

   And ta-daa~ That person was Coco! We started as acquaintances who managed the Consciousness Realtalkan group until he decided to accept me as his apprentice! I’m really growing and learning so much about spirituality with Coco. He is transforming me into who I've always wanted to be... An angel.(lol jk)

   My spiritual journey was much easier and more profound. I found a very good and intelligent mentor who knows so much about his craft, and I’m very thankful to Coco that I would even sell my kidney to him! I’m very thankful for Coco for making me the spiritual person that I am right now.

   So far, I'm loving my spiritual journey and I'm looking forward to being more empowered.<3 I also hope to be reincarnated as an angel in my next life. uwu 

   Thank you for reading my story! Love and light and fight sometimes!




Life Lessons

with Liyah