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Hey Besties!

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Name: Aly D.

Craft: Tarot Divination & Astrology

Virgo Sun. Virgo Moon. Gemini Rising.

Likes: Gemini being closest 2nd to Virgo.

Dislikes: Aquarius

Favorite Tarot Card: The Star

Animal Spirit: Cat! <3

Mundane Hobbies: Being #Tama

Favorite Food: Pancake House Spaghetti!

Favorite Movie: Coraline


Notable Achievements:

2010 - Best in Critical Thinking

2020 - Crush ng Bayan sa Org


More about @theblessdbhie...


"Aly is destined to make an impact on the Spiritual Community. It's truly a blessing to work with her."

- Coco S., Financial Astrologer



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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