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Image by Asia Lascioli
Our Journey

We started out just like you, with similar doubts and apprehensions about Esotericism, Divination and Magick. Neither of us would expect that despite our years of higher education, we would end up looking to the Stars and the Spirits for guidance. Whether it's a symptom of the times we live in, or a natural yearning for Divine Intervention, we're all drawn together to this same point in life because of Questions.

"Where am I going in life?"

"What happens next?"

"How do I find love?"


"How can I be happy?"

Regardless of belief or interest in Spirituality, or of educational background, professional attainment, life experience and age, it seems the same questions remain. What we aim to do is to find those answers within a system that has been tried and tested for centuries, from a template designed and regulated by the Universe. 

Nevertheless, it must be said that Esoteric Science is subjective and unproven. It's a soft science like Acupuncture, Psychology or Yoga; not a hard science like Biology or Chemistry. There are no empirical scientific sources that can quantify the validity of spiritual experiences like faith or Religion, but in spite of this, we can't deny their benefit and place in society. In fact, given the subjective nature of the problems Society faces today, the answers we seek might not even come from an objective science. Hard sciences can tell us how to function, but it can't tell us how to truly live. 

Image by Alexey Malakhov
Image by Hilman Luthfi

What's left for us all is to find answers for ourselves. What we suggest is to find insight from the beauty within. For if something as simple and faithful as the Sunrise can hold significance for you in a transformative way, there'd be no need to decipher riddles to navigate the world.


The keys we use are Divine, but the answers we find are always mundane; just like life. Our desire to look up doesn't take us away from where we are, but allows us to find similar beauty from within.

It doesn't have to take Cosmic Intervention to change a life. Sometimes it just needs a connection.

“ As above , so below.

As within, so without.

As the Universe, so the Soul…”
- H. Trismegistus

White Plants
Crystal Ball in Psychic Hands

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