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Seeker's Journey I: Foundations of Natal Astrology

Course Dates:

Dec 6, 2023 - Jan 7, 2024

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About the Course

The Natal Chart is a divine template that uncovers divine truths. With just a fraction of this knowledge, people can do truly amazing things; and with ample presentation can give the impression of divinity itself. The significance of this craft, however, doesn't lie in subjectives and theatrics. The true significance of the divine art of Astrology is found in its diligently precise study.

Our Seeker's Journey is intended for astrology and spirituality enthusiasts who wish to delve into the fundamental concepts and basic practical applications of astrology. This course is patterned after international astrology course structures and curated through local professional practice; as a dedicated effort to differentiate Traditional and Modern Astrology from mainstream embellishments.

Your Instructor

Coco D. Santos

Coco D. Santos

With a foundation of Traditional Western Astrology and thousands of hours in professional Modern Astrological practice, Coco is the Director and Spiritual Mentor of the Collective.

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