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Classes and Workshops

Explore your spirituality and learn about yourself from a divine lens, with the guidance of our Collective practitioners. Every class is designed to give Seekers spiritual training in various modalities from the perspective of professionals we love and trust.

  • Start your Seeker's Journey by understanding how to read energies and ...


    6,999 Philippine pesos
  • Embark on the Seeker's Journey II to learn traditional predictive tech...

    Started Sep 9

    9,999 Philippine pesos
  • Conclude your journey as a Seeker by learning the final secrets to Coc...


    9,999 Philippine pesos
  • Enrich your spiritual path by learning how to identify and connect wit...


    2,222 Philippine pesos
  • Empower your spiritual path by learning how to harness the magick with...


    1,111 Philippine pesos
  • Learn to read the secrets of the divine through regular playing cards.


    3,333 Philippine pesos
  • Learn the foundations of Horary Astrology and gain the ability to conv...


    9,999 Philippine pesos

Mentors & Trainers

Coco D. Santos, Spiritual Coach


Cosmic Connections is the leading provider for Astrological Guidance and consultation. Coco applies a personal system that expands from a traditional background into a modern practice, with various mundane applications. Aside from being a Spiritual Mentor, Coco Guides business owners into finding abundance through alignment with astrology.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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