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Coco D. Santos

Financial Astrologer

Our consultant uses a fictitious name to keep the nature of his associations with clients private. His name and personal appearances are exclusive to our clientele.

Spiritual Marketing & Brand Development

As a Capricorn Stellium, my work and my practice is truly the sum total of my life experience. Every client, every project and every brand I work with makes an indelible mark on my professional character. Everything I've ever created has always been an expression of who I am, but who I am could never be greater than the sum of its parts.

And thus I dedicate all my work...
To my better half, and to the Parts who make me whole.

Professional Experience

Asst. Stage Director

Show Host & Trainer

Marketing Executive

Piano Instructor

Speaking Coach

Marketing Manager

Life Coach

Brand Consultant

Creative Director

Social Entrepreneur

Cosmic Connections

Coco's Story

My professional life started as a performer with a background in theatre direction. I exceeded myself as a performer and found myself in coaching positions quite naturally.

I thrived as a trainer in an exciting industry that started to feel too small for my perspective. I capitalized on the experience by applying it to my passions. I started by teaching Music and evolved.

The life of an artist and a trainer was hardly enough with the high cost of living overseas. I applied my expanded skillset to a more lucrative industry. I started casting events in the nightlife industry.

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