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Align yourself to your highest most authentic truth with a host of spiritual services crafted with professional care and curated with love.

Aly D., @TheBlessedBhie

Spiritual Brand Ambassador

Aly's brand of wisdom is a breath of fresh air in these troubled times we're in. Her light energy gives you the space to open up and enables you to feel heard. 

Connect with Aly today, to find the #TamaEnergy within!

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  • @theblessedbhie
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Coco, @DearCoco.LIVE

Financial Astrologer

Featuring the most comprehensive astrology consultation in the country! Coco can find the answer to literally any question in life.

Catch Coco at work LIVE on Facebook every Sunday!

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Wayne G., @TarotRadioPH

Traditional Cartomancer

Tune into a #CollectiveFrequency and connect with a warm authentic vibe, as Ate Wayne channels the voice of the people, every week at Tarot Radio PH!

Catch her new services COMING SOON!

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Jill, @AstroloJill

Psychic Medium, Brand Ambassador

With the Universe as her medium and the celestials as her guide, Jill provides a unique service that combines Astrology, Tarot and Mediumship into a cohesive guided experience. Access energies outside of our present reality and tap into a higher power today!

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Essil Ghandi, @Essil.Gandhi

Vedic Astrologer

Essil Gandhi is a Vedic Astrologer who uses cosmos to connect with the heart of any matter. Influenced by Sikhism and Hinduism from her cultural roots, her passion for divination would progress into a professional practice founded upon self-love and emprovement.

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Kali G., @kali.oke

Angel Worker, Brand Ambassador

Specialized in divine revelation and intervention, Kali is our dedicated Angel Worker. Her down to earth energy grounds your perspective to your most authentic truth.

Find yourself today.

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