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Christian Astrology 101

Course Dates:

Oct 1 - Nov 1

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About the Course

Derived from the works of William Lilly, "Christian Astrology" is regarded to be one of the most significant esoteric works of the late Renaissance Period. This course aims to elevate this valuable, and often misunderstood piece of material into a practical mode of divination with guidance from a Judeo-Christian perspective.

Here is a brief summary of what you will learn over this course: (The complete course outline will be included in the course materials.) - Ask the Universe about literally any topic - Calculate timing from an astrological transit - Find directions and physically locate energy - Gain insight on social dynamics without using a natal chart *This work is non-canonical and doesn't adhere to any prescribed religious principle. **This elective course is intended for advanced astrology students and professional practitioners who wish to upgrade their practice through the modality of traditional astrological divination. ***Students who wish to take these classes are expected to know the complete basics of both traditional and modern astrology and must be able to read all aspects of a Natal Chart.

Your Instructor

Coco D. Santos

Coco D. Santos

With a foundation of Traditional Western Astrology and thousands of hours in professional Modern Astrological practice, Coco is the Director and Spiritual Mentor of the Collective.

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