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Introduction to Cartomancy

Course Dates:

April 1 - 2

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About the Course

*Cartomancy is an ancient system of Divination with ordinary playing cards. This system predates the creation of the Tarot, and no special cards are needed to use this system.* Our Diviner's Journey is intended for spirituality enthusiasts starting out with divination. This course utilizes Coco's personal cartomancy system and will have distinct deviations from the modern systems available. The unique system taught in this short course is patterned after medieval Elemental Cartomancy which allows integration with other divination systems, like Tarot or Astrology, seemlessly.

Your Instructor

Coco D. Santos

Coco D. Santos

With a foundation of Traditional Western Astrology and thousands of hours in professional Modern Astrological practice, Coco is the Director and Spiritual Mentor of the Collective.

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