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Introduction to Witchcraft

Course Dates:

Dec 21 - Jan 11, 2023

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About the Course

Here is a brief summary of what you will learn over this course: - Learn about the historical roots of Witchcraft. - Learn how to set up your hearth. - Learn to direct energy with intention. - Learn to do practical spellwork. By taking and completing this short course, you gain the eligibility to join our Collective Coven. Membership to our Coven is purely optional, and seekers are free to use this knowledge for their personal paths. Embark on a Witch's Journey and take your spiritual path to the next level! Unlock the secrets of the occult to empower your spirit and connect with power hidden within.

Your Instructor

Coco D. Santos

Coco D. Santos

With a foundation of Traditional Western Astrology and thousands of hours in professional Modern Astrological practice, Coco is the Director and Spiritual Mentor of the Collective.

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