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All Soul's Day is just around the corner, and most of us are being visited by memories of loved ones who have passed. To honor the season, the Collective will be channeling these energies into a tributary work to celebrate their life and commemorate their passing.

We’ve been collecting the "last words" of our dearly departed, as an attempt to encapsulate the meaning of life. With these words, our intention is to create an illustration of how life never truly ends so long as there are people who honor their memories.

To keep their identities safe, we will only share their words and their initials, in respect to those who’ve moved on to the next life. For this project, we will be channeling their "last words" to create works of art that would preserve their timeless wisdom.

For grief never truly ends, we must learn to live and grow with the void they've left. Our loved ones may have transitioned to another journey beyond this life, but honoring their memory empowers their love and enables them to truly live forever in our hearts.

Blessings for your #DearlyDeparted

For our Dearly Departed...

Sorry for your loss.

The intention of this project is to celebrate the memories of our dearly departed.

We understand that losing a loved one through death is one of the deepest kinds of shadow work a soul could experience. To honor your contribution of energy, we will be offering guided messages to the participants. Our Collective practitioners will channel a message for you from your #DearlyDeparted.

Participants will receive more information via email, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out! We aim to illustrate these messages before All Soul’s day, so please send us their energies by the end of October. If you resonate with our energy and our intention, please share this message.

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