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"Nurture the fire in you, to achieve your personal goals." - Ms. Ginger Diaz, Evolve Yoga & Fitness

Featuring Certified Yoga Instructor & Studio Director: Ms.Ginger Diaz, Evolve Yoga & Fitness

Ginger took her 1st yoga class in 2005 and immediately fell in love with the practice. She trained as a yoga instructor in Hawaii and became in certified Bikram Yoga by 2007. She founded Evolve Yoga and Fitness in 2010 and furthered her knowledge in yoga as she took the Baptiste "Live Your Yoga" teacher training program in Hong Kong in 2015.

Seeing the progress she has made in her personal fitness journey, Ginger immersed herself and trained with Inferno Hot Pilates amidst the pandemic in November 2020. Her IHP classes promise a full body workout, and are challenging, dynamic, and most of all, fun!

Throughout the different disciplines that make up her practice, Ginger is a big believer in leading by example. She strives for her students to have an overall sense of wellness, control, and empowerment on, and more importantly, off the the mat.

1. How did your journey with Yoga begin? Tell us about yourself and what you do. I came upon my very first yoga class in 2005. Although I had no interest in sports or any other physical activity back then, there was something about the class that kept me coming despite the challenges and difficulties that it presented. It didn't take long for me to realize that taking these classes were also teaching me more about responsibility, accountability, humility, and perseverance; values that contribute to a life worth living, in my opinion. I decided that I wanted to be able to change lives in a positive way as well, and so I embarked on my teaching journey shortly after. I am now happily married with two you children. I opened my own yoga studio Evolve Yoga & Fitness in 2010, but our operations are mainly online nowadays due to the pandemic. I still enjoy teaching and practicing now as much as I did the first year. Few things can compare to my joy as I watch my students go through positive transformations through the classes that I get to teach. For this, I am very grateful.

2. What styles of Yoga do you have experience in? How long have you been an instructor? I went to my 1st yoga teacher training in Honolulu, Hawaii, in Spring of 2007. I immediately started teaching upon arrival in Manila in the same year. I have taken several teacher trainings and workshops since. I'm a certified Bikram Yoga Instructor, Vinyasa Instructor, and I'm trained in Inferno Hot Pilates as well. I can teach Bikram & hot yoga, Vinyasa flow, Gentle yoga, Baptiste Power Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga classes, but my personal preference is teaching more power yoga sequences. This is the kind of class I love practicing the most.

3. What do you enjoy the most as a Yoga instructor? What are the challenges you encounter in your profession? Tell us about your experience. One of the things I enjoy the most as a yoga instructor is that I get to meet wonderful people that I might not have met otherwise. I always say that this is one of yoga's biggest blessings in my life. The challenges actually pale very much in comparison to the strong friendships that I have forged throughout the years. 4. What services do you offer? Where and how do we avail of them? We offer many different styles of yoga and HIIT pilates classes as well. We have live and On Demand classes, and private classes can be booked as well. Just send a message to @gingerdiaz or @EvolveYogaPH on Instagram or DM us on Facebook, Evolve Yoga & Fitness. 5. What would be your advice for people who are interested in beginning their wellness journey with Yoga?

My best advice would be to find a good teacher that you resonate with - one that inspires you to keep coming back to your practice each day. One that will be able to nurture the fire in you to achieve your personal goals, may they be for fitness, stress management or emotional healing.

Interested in connecting with this featured partner? Feel free to get in touch!

If you resonate with this energy, avail of Ms. Ginger's services through Evolve Yoga & Fitness. Follow their socials on Facebook and Instagram!

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