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Mission One Collective: Aligning Spirituality with Life

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

Connecting a collective higher path towards communal growth and the common good of all.

Welcome to Collective.PH! We're honored to share this space and serve the spiritual needs of the collective, but let it be known that this space was created with intention. For the greater good of the collective, this space was created to align in one direction: to generate progress and results from authentic spiritual practices in order to thrive alongside our community.

Spirituality isn't just a business to us; and to our professional practitioners, this is more than just a profession or a practice. We strive to impact our community directly from our practice, not just with our words and representation, but with all our actions and decisions.

In an effort to achieve this Mission, all our practitioners are bound by contract to dedicate a portion of their income to charity. Under legally binding terms, a portion of every service and every product our practitioners create is intentionally reserved for social work and community service. Through this initiative, we make it evidently clear that our intentions align far beyond personal material gains. With this sense of purpose, our hope is to inspire all those who seek and chance upon this energy to connect and align with the same perspective.

As your patronage means more to us than money, may your time with us mean more to you than just a service. May the things you purchase mean more to you than just trinkets and charms. May our promotions mean more to you than hype and our collaborations mean more to you than business. May the energy we spend together mean more than the experience, because this work means more to us than Life.

May the Angel of Truth stand as our Witness.

The Collector

"Ad majorem Dei gloriam."


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