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Coco's Guide to Karmic Fortune

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Every individual has a destined path to abundance. Do you have what it takes to claim it?

Destiny has always been an eternal source fascination for humanity. The idea of knowing what lies ahead of us and unlocking the secrets of the future, has played into the minds and hearts of people for generations. Nevertheless, readings about fortune and abundance have always been uncomfortable for me to hear. I didn't like the idea of hoping for something I wasn't sure I deserved. Hope without material investment always leaves a bitter aftertaste. Personally, I've always gravitated towards personal hard work and sacrifice.

Through the lens of Astrology, we understand that abundance is an ever present reality. Whether Jupiter is in rulership, detriment, or fall, abundance continues to flow around us. While we all share a potential for greatness, to fully realize it is the true struggle. Relatively speaking, everyone is destined for a certain amount of material abundance. Regardless of your level of conscious awareness or spiritual ascension, and regardless of the social climate and financial market, there's a pathway to achieve material success available to everyone.

Given that everyone has a destined path to success, the only real question that remains is: "Do you deserve it?"

Karmic Fortunes for 2022


Strategic Integrity

Your challenge is to strategize your way to abundance while maintaining your integrity. There are many paths to choose from in order to achieve your goals. While some decisions are more lucrative than others, how honorably you deal with people will determine just how much abundance you can achieve for 2022.

Karmic Reward:

By aligning with these karmic circumstances, you are rewarded with personal security. Being stable within yourself starts to build strong foundations for your own future. This energy, whether positive or negative, makes a big impact and affects those around you.

"Fight for what you love! You might just get what you least expect."

"Small safe investments have the potential to change the state of your finances."


Progress & Maturity

Your capabilities have gotten you this far, but you can feel a path to something bigger coming up. Bigger isn’t always better, especially if you can’t handle the weight. Leveraging on your success is a good way to maximize your gains, but it’s also a great way to complicate your plans and compromise your stability.

Karmic Reward:

This change in perspective creates a major shift in how you receive abundance. Several different opportunities will arrive allowing you more space to dream. Allow your imagination to flourish as you open yourself up to your potential.

"A safe space to communicate will empower your personal objectives."

"Set a higher standard for your emotional development."


Chance vs. Choice

You find yourself at a crossroads carrying the weight of important decisions. When you can’t decide between two paths, sometimes the answer isn’t to choose. Instead of pressing forward, sometimes the answer is to forge your own path to achieve an ideal. You can hit two birds with one stone if you pace yourself.

Karmic Reward:

By taking the proper steps and managing your energies during this continuous upward ascent, you make significant progress towards your intended manifestation. Staying true to yourself is required in order to claim it, but overcoming this challenge assures your victory.

"Collaborations directly impact your success."

"Stay true to your objectives and align it with a higher purpose."


Reconcile & Compromise

Having come from a string of negative circumstances, you center yourself to seek balance. In spite of your progress, shadows from unreconciled potential remain. What are you compromising on and who are you compromising for? It’s only a challenge to forgive if we haven't been able to forgive ourselves.

Karmic Reward:

As this chapter comes to a close, the year accounts to be unmistakably great. Everything you want to manifest has always been available to you, now the shadows that held you back have been dispelled. Your biggest enemy to face was truly yourself, and overcoming yourself leads to your ultimate success.

"Abundance becomes ever-present and well within reach. Pay it forward."

"Exercise gratitude to rediscover cycles of abundance."


Stand for Truth

For the most part your pride is your strength, but sometimes it truly cometh before a fall. Your insistent need to stand up for yourself has a damaging effect on your decision making process. It’s time to count the costs and evaluate what truly matters in life. What are you really fighting for?

Karmic Reward:

You had major trials to face and the rewards from these challenges pale in comparison to the amount of development you’ve experienced. Look closely at your evolution in order to fully understand your prize. In rising to the challenge, you achieve a better version of yourself you can be proud of.

"Setting spending limits and short term financial goals will make an impact in your savings."

"Set stable foundations with positive habits and routines."


Test of Will

Your perseverance will be tested. Overcoming obstacles isn’t a matter of capability but a matter of resilience. The fullness of your potential can be achieved from challenging yourself with karmic circumstances. Great burdens are only worth carrying if the weight aligns with your purpose.

Karmic Reward:

The burden you faced was great, but tremendous change is needed to achieve tremendous things. The end of this challenge is completion and fulfillment in a way you’ve wanted for so long. Because you held on so long and because you persevered, you deserve every moment of it.

"Devote yourself to positive routines that directly benefit your wellbeing."

"Establish where you want to be in the future. Set foundations for it today."


Tying up Loose Ends

You’re more than ready and capable to get things started. Your real challenge is bringing things to a fruitful conclusion. It’s nearly impossible to complete everything you’ve started on. Focus on the things that lead to your happiness. Fulfillment comes from covering all your bases, not by aiming too high.

Karmic Reward:

In pushing yourself to achieve, you manage to gain more than just the fulfillment of completing your goals. The positive shift in your energy brings balance and contentment. As you gain more faith in yourself, bliss becomes an energy source to sustain from within.

"Speak up for what you believe in. If not for yourself, then for your Truth."

"Recognize your growth. Your dreams are getting closer."


A False Start

You feel motivated to move forward, but something from the past weighs on you. By overlooking certain lessons, you’re able to push forward with uncertainty. Being present and living in the moment will only be worth it if you’re aligned with your inner truth. For without it, whose truth are you living?

Karmic Reward:

Overcoming the challenges for this year gives us a strong foothold for years to come. By reconnecting with our inner truth, we move forward in alignment towards a brighter more resonant future. With this new perspective, nothing stands in the way of your intended progress and results.

"Following the path of your true intentions leads to your highest good."

"Don’t lose sight of who you are. Aim to improve and shine."


Inevitable Evolution

A certain “phase” in your life is coming to a long overdue end. As you mature in perspective, your ambitions become more clear. Your objectives start to materialize the moment you start exercising your independence. Affirm your personal growth by getting started on your future.

Karmic Reward:

Aligning with your highest truth brings you a bittersweet reward. Not everything will go according to plan, but everything is as it should be. The more aligned you are within, the more favorable the outcome will be. Either way, you find a new version of yourself. Someone equipped with lessons for the following year.

"You have a knack for finding fresh opportunities. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin."

"Make better financial decisions. Start with regular savings."


Limiting Realism

A recurring feeling of loss highlights lack of opportunities to grow. Being realistic conditions us to anticipate misfortunes, but it also makes it harder for us to experience any abundance yet to come. Instabilities around you begin to resolve from awareness of the instability within.

Karmic Reward:

The challenges this year seemed mundane, but the process you had to endure felt much, much deeper. In facing these trials, your reward transcends the material benefit of your efforts. You start to feel the one thing you’ve been looking for. You start to feel open to love as you start to love yourself.

"You’ve been guided with a higher purpose. Commit to your inner truth." "Your overall lack of boundaries is costing you."


Facing Self-definition

You’ve done everything you have to do without a thought to yourself. Succeeding in this, you’ve managed to detach yourself from the overall outcome of your life. Your lack of motivation isn’t coming from a bad situation but from the fact that you might not resonate with your current path anymore.

Karmic Reward:

In completing objectives set mostly for the benefit of others, we’re faced squarely by the personal shadows left behind. Strengthened by the trials we faced for the people we love, we face a new chapter in our life, as a stronger version of ourselves with the people we care about behind us.

"Your dreams have material value. Start a journal of your dreams!" "Work on your talents and monetize your skills."


Gratitude over Achievement

Regardless of your material progress, you feel unfulfilled to a certain degree. Dissatisfaction isn’t always a problem. Sometimes it’s just a present reality you have to face. Our intended goal is currently out of reach, but that doesn’t mean it’s unattainable and it doesn’t mean we have nothing to be grateful for.

Karmic Reward:

Throughout this karmic challenge, it’s been quite clear that you’ve had it in you all along to succeed. All you needed was faith in yourself and the hard work to follow through. By overcoming your doubts, you’ll find it much easier to achieve abundance and arrive at your intended destination.

Fortunes for 2022

"Stay committed to your goals and align them with your growth."

"Happiness is worth far more than money. Learn to value both."

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